"Growing Strong"

It is the year 185 AC and House Tyrell are sitting graciously in gilded halls ‘neath rosy banners. The last decade has been a peaceful time, following the conflict with the Lannisters that almost resulted in a bloody war between the two houses. Now their festivities are so loud it echoes with merriment throughout the Reach, and the smell of perfumed butter on spiced bread has laced the very walls of Highgarden. Their lands have prospered under their ever merciful leadership. The people are fed and happy, and the kingdom flourishes with works of art and festivals like nowhere else in Westeros. But beyond the horizon of greatness lies conquest, and beyond conquest, divinity.


House Tyrell is a rich and welcoming house, they rule the Reach as fair kings and queens, who take care of their loyal subjects. With beautiful cities and extravagant clothing, they are not afraid to make their wealth and fortune known to those who visit the Reach. This wealth, and the Tyrells’ natural beauty, calls eager suitors from across the Seven Kingdoms in a, often futile, search of a lord or lady who’ll wed them. To the untrained eye, their warm smiles and sweet flattery make for a kind and humble noble. But, just under the surface, hidden beneath the blushing cheeks and endearing eyes, lies an insatiable greed. A greed that drives them to strive for the highest peaks, but in turn floods their minds with prospects of impossible wishes and cosmic lust. After all, it was this greed that almost drove them to war with the Lannisters.


Theodore/Theodora Tyrell

Widowed, Elder, Lord/Lady


The Golden Rose

Perfection is a mountain from which one can only fall. The Head of House Tyrell knows this better than anyone else. Good deeds lead to higher expectations and such immense pressure can break anyone. Nicknamed “The Golden Rose”, a title which Theodore/Theodora gained for being the perfect leader for decades, they have now become a symbol for the prosperity of the Reach. After many great and quiet years, House Tyrell has now been called to attend the Kingsmoot and help choose a new heir. Opportunity or doom? The old Tyrell is placed in a difficult situation, for who knows how long ago the flower beneath the gold withered?

Moryn/Mina Tyrell

Unmarried, Adult, Lord/Lady


The Puppet Master


As secondborn and sibling to the Head of House it was expected that Moryn/Mina Tyrell would marry another high standing noble to strengthen the house. That never happened, but they still managed to be incredibly valuable. This noble chose to be a warlord not on the battlefield, but in the shadows. Fiercely devoted to House Tyrell, Moryn/Mina is not just a marriable asset, but a predator in court. Where the roses grow, so too shall the spider hunt the pests.

Victor Tyrell

Unmarried, Adult, Neither Lord or Lady


The Artist


Raised in a land of riches and fine education, Victor found joy in the work of the artisan, and solace in praying to the Smith. Ever since Victor’s older brother married away into House Lannister; the secondborn child, and now heir House Tyrell, has been under immense pressure from the rest of the house. Victor struggles with knowledge that within they are neither Lord nor Lady, while still wishing to serve House Tyrell as duty demands. The chaos of the Kingsmoot is only fuel for the quiet fire the burns within.

Osmund Tyrell

Married, Elder, Lord


The Prankster


Long ago Osmund was an honorable knight and a proud member of House Tyrell who married to strengthen the bond between Hightower and Tyrell. Osmund has served his duty, and is now making the best of life. Life is about drinking wine, telling stories but most importantly, it is about taking the piss out of the people who take it too seriously. He has joined the rest of the Tyrells to hopefully make the Kingsmoot a little less boring.

Arwen/Arwel Arynn (Ward in House Tyrell)

Unmarried, Young, Lord/Lady


The Featherbrain


Originally sent to be educated in the customs and artistry of Highgarden, Arwen/Arwel enjoyed a fairly normal childhood. That was until it was time to go home, when both of Arwen/Arwel’s parents died in a suspicious carriage accident. Oddly enough, the Arryns refused to take the child back home to the Eyrie after that. Having lived as ward in House Tyrell ever since, Arwen/Arwel has no real love for either Arryns nor Tyrells. Now they see little purpose in life, however, they have heard word that this whole Kingsmoot ordeal could change the entire world. That would be pretty interesting, plus it would be nice to find someone to marry.

Jonah Caswell

Unmarried, Adult, Lord


The Casanova


Good looking and willing to flirt with anything that has a pulse. Ser Jonah Caswell is a knight because it is honorable and honor is attractive. A man of desire, Jonah simply does what he wants, which has led him to have more bastards than the late King. There are however rumors. Rumors that the strapping knight hunts only to torture animals, and that he fights only to watch the pain in the eyes of other men. Now that House Tyrell has been called to the Kingsmoot, he is to follow as one of their bannermen. He does not mind.

Samantha Hightower

Married, Elder, Lady


The Oligarch


Strong of will and zealous of heart. Samantha is as proud they come. Devoted to House Hightower all her life, Samantha has expressed little personal desire. She knows she is a pawn and she is damn proud to be the most efficient pawn there is. So proud that she has delegated commands to the entire board, although the other pieces might not always listen as well as she would like. The Lady Hightower is not stupid, she just knows how valuable she and her house is to the Tyrells, and nothing would make her happier than to teach the young roses a little about the importance of status and values of tradition!