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Who are we?

Johannes Madsen

Roles, NPC's, Design
Johannes Madsen Is responsible for NPC communication and coordination. He is also responsible for designing the overall plot, houses and roles along with Rune. Johannes has organized several larps and two national larp conventions in the past. He also works fulltime for the Danish National Larp organization Bifrost.

Mikkel Bistrup

Logistics, Economics, Website
Mikkel Bistrup is responsible for logistics, location, production and website/facebook. He is also the loremaster, since he has experience surrounding the core media of the Ice & Fire universe. Mikkel has organized several larger larps and many national events including conventions and festivals.

Rune Hald

Roles, Plot, Design
Rune Hald is responsible for role selection and casting. He also designed the plot, setting and houses with Johannes. Rune is also responsible for fine tuning all the roles for the scenario. Rune has created tons of tabletop scenarioes and several smaller larps.

Our Fantastic team

Ingrid Kaaber Pors

Head of Player Safety
Ingrid Kaaber Pors Is our head of Player Safety. She has worked with player safety for many years and is considered a frontrunner for player safety in the Danish Larp community. We are very proud to have Ingrid on our team.

Thank you!

Many people helped make Sea of Flames happen and they deserve our deepest thanks!

Moxxie Nellemann: For creating all the amazing artwork!

Joel Nederbye Andersson & Astrid Feldstein: For creating custom props, costumes and banners.

Tag Team Larp: For inspiring us and giving a general outline for sign-up.

Bifrost: For free access to their webservices and payment systems. This would literally not be possible without their support.