Winter is Coming

It is the year 185 AC and House Stark is preparing for dark times. Shiera Seastar arrived at the gates of Winterfell. She foretold of two prophecies: The rekindling of five pyres once lit by dragonfire, and of a war that would shake the Seven Kingdoms. Wolf and Stag to gnaw and thrash a terrible madness in a sea of green. 

Due to these most sudden of prophecies, and the recent news of the Targaryen legitimisation, the Starks and their bannermen are preparing for the worst. The North stirs with uncertainty of the future, as ill omens foretell of death and dismay. Some believe it to be the work of the gods. Others insist that it is the bewitching magic of a mad Targaryen.


House Stark is a proud and tough house, who believes in honesty and justice. They reign in the North, supporting the Night’s Watch in guarding the massive wall, which protects Westeros from whatever lurks in the Lands of Always Winter. As support to the wall, it is tradition for every second born Stark to be sent to the wall to serve in the Watch. Back in Castle Winterfell, the Starks rule the North and keep their loyal bannermen safe from brigands and ill-doers. They are proud to maintain their history and legacy as stoic guardians and keepers of the Northern peace. Because of this, their morality is very black and white, and their perception of the world is coloured as such. They are stoics by nature and their phlegmatic stature brings with it an air of unease. To some, the Starks can seem almost inhuman with their cold gaze or wild eyes.


Breannad Stark

Married, Adult, Lord


The Wolf in Chains


Once the Lord of Winterfell was a highly respected Stark and everything you could want in a Warden of The North. One dark night Breannad murdered his daughter in drunken stupor, and when she was found the following morning, dismembered and disemboweled, the world knew the dangers of a rabid wolf. Now he is only allowed outside the dungeon handcuffed, chained and guarded. If one is to stand outside the north-facing walls of Winterfell at night, they can hear him cry. He has only come to the Kingsmoot because he is chained to his wife.

Saba Stark

Married, Adult, Lady


The Otherheart


Some children are born ferocious and with veins of ice, which in the North usually leads to abandonment or worse. What made Saba different is that she learned to hide it and only show her beauty. When the then young Breannad first met her, could do nothing but take her as his wife. Possibly the worst mistake of his life. When Breannad murdered their daughter she did not weep and when she took control of Winterfell a chill fell upon the entirety of the North. A chill which still linger.

Arthor/Artha Stark

Unmarried, Young, Lord/Lady


The Sleepless Heir


When Arthor/Artha was a child, Breannad taught them what it means to be a Stark. To lead and to protect. Mother Saba was always distant until the death of her daughter, after which she was very eager to offer Arthor/Aviaja attention and support, especially at night. When Breannad eventually dies House Stark will belong to Arthor/Artha, and they will do everything to show the world and mother Saba that they are the Stark the North longs for. The death of the King and this following moot could not have been better timing.

Edric/Edra Stark

Unmarried, Young, Lord/Lady


The Claw of Winterfell


As the secondborn child to a Stark it has always been Edric/Edra’s destiny to go to the wall and serve. Such is tradition and the Claw knows this perfectly well. Having been taught by their father to hold a sword from before they could walk, the young Stark has become a warrior as formidable as they are fierce. Following the death of their sister Lusia, their mother started showing far more attention towards the little soldier. The soldier is no longer little, and is now forced to face a reality where they will spend the rest of their life atop a monolith of ice. Their presence at the Kingsmoot is formality only, but, depending on the outcome, a new destiny may be found.

Farris Lannister (Ward in House Stark)

Young, Widow, Lord


The Doting Ward


Farris is the living embodiment of kindness. She was born the third child of the legendary Tyshara Lannister, although she only resembles her in looks. When she was still a girl she married an older Stark. At the age of twelve she had a spontaneous abortion and her husband died shortly after. Now she is a ward in House Stark and is arguably the most well-liked person in the North, but even she has felt the icy stillness as of late. When Shiera Seastar came to Winterfell and spoke prophecies, Farris was the one who calmed the people afterwards. Why would she join the Kingsmoot? If you ask her, it would simply be the right thing to do.

Wedgarr Manderly

Unmarried, Adult, Lord


The Porridgemind


Wedgarr likes hunting, Wedgarr likes whoring and Wedgarr likes alcohol. No one ever thought much of him and he liked that too. By some accursed stroke of misfortune Wedgarr has now become the Head of House Manderly. Wedgarr does not like that at all. Wedgarr has to deal with stupid shit like reading letters and talking to people. Now he has to go to some stupid meeting because the King was even dumber than Wedgarr. He has however heard that an ex-fiance he never met will be there, so Wedgarr will do his best to be sophisticated. Whatever that means.

Kartann/Karwynn Karstark

Widowed, Adult, Lord/Lady


The Underdog


Kartann/Karwynn is a diplomat, a soldier and a leader. As a Karstark, they are a loyal friend of the Starks, and thus not afraid of pushing them for constant betterment. However, following the tragic death of Lusia, the Karstark has noticed the dry chill in the air, and the oppressive rule of Lady Saba Stark. A new ruler of Winterfell must take the seat. Be that the Stark heir, or the murderer Lord Breannad. Perhaps the Kingsmoot can be used as a path of redemption for the Starks.