Physical safety

The scenario is held in a cabin in the woods that is inaccesable by wheelchair and can have many uneven surfaces. We recommend that everyone prioritize good solid outdoor footwear over immersion, that way we can all play safely without the fear of slipping and falling over.

Safety mechanics

Raising a fist in the air and saying STOP so everyone can hear you will let all other players know that they should immediately stop whatever they are doing. This mechnic is used to instantly get out of an uncomfortable situation or if you are injured. This mechanic will also call safety guides or organizers to you.

To discreetly leave a scene and exit from play you’ll say I’m being called and put a hand on your head and leave the game. You can either take a break in your room/tent or visit the organizer/safety room.

Emotional safety

Content warnings

  • Classism
  • Incest
  • Forced/arranged marriage
  • Cheating
  • Violence (OPT-IN ONLY)

Emotional safety guides

During the whole scenario there will be access to emotional safety guides and a private room. The emotional safety guides will be available if you need someone to talk too or if you had a bad experience either yourself or with another player. The safety guides have all signed a non-disclosure aggrement and will not share any infomation you give them (even to the organizers) without your explicit consent. If anyone has broken our Code of Conduct please talk to the safety guides or organizers.

Code of Conduct

  1. Individuals are more important than anything in the larp. The safety of you and your fellow players are paramount and will always be prioritized over the game.
  2. Every person controls their own body and sets their own boundaries. All others must respect these boundaries. Please communicate your boundaries clearly to the players around you, even if they change as you play.
  3. Out-of-game harassment, abuse or assault of any kind will not be tolerated, no matter what charachter alibi you may hold.
  4. Consent must be given freely and clearly and is considered inviolable. You may not exclude or retaliate any person for drawing boundaries or reporting abuse or harassment.
  5. Every single player is responsible for their own actions, for reading, understanding and complying with the Code of Conduct and rules.

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in expungement with refund of any kind.

Questions? Find us the the organizer room!

The organizer/safety room will always have an organizer ready during play. The organizer will do their best to help you with any questions or call for the right people if you cen help.


Do you have any questions before the scenario? Then write us at – We will try to answer as fast as we can.