"Hear Me Roar!"

It is the year 185 AC and House Lannister is sitting comfortably in Casterly Rock, following a conflict some years prior, which almost ended in all out war with the Tyrells. Through a diplomatic bond, sealed with the marriage of the two leading generals, they have enjoyed a time of peace and power. And yet, tensions are rising again. The Targaryen bastards have all been legitimized, and the peasants have declared loyalty to the young Blackfyre, a man who would fight to turn the world upside down. The Lannisters have been scrambling to secure the loyalty of their people, and yet the ideas of disobedience and rebellion are spreading in the shadows. 


House Lannister is the wealthiest house in Westeros, and along with being Warden of the West, they’re considered to be one of the most powerful. Their magnificence and gilded pockets make sure no one doubts their position, especially not their Bannermen. Within every Lannister sits a proud lion, born to lead and rule over those who serve the house. The lion follows them all, and guides their hand to preserve the proud nature of the house. This can in turn make them blind to their own arrogance, and some Lannisters are more feared than respected for their brutal efficiency when it comes to upholding their legacy.


Tyshara Lannister

Married, Elder, Lady


The Warrior’s Favorite


Tyshara of House Lannister is a powerful leader and known legend throughout Westeros. Tyshara grew up on the battlefield, and when the Lannisters and the Tyrells were at war Tyshara stood at the frontlines with her soldiers. Now her days of commanding are over, and she enjoys a life together with her husband Harlen of Lannister née Tyrell, her former adversary in the war. The people believe Tyshara to be one the greatest commanders of her time and yet to be matched on the battlefield, even though it has been a winter since she last fought with her soldiers. She’s attending the Kingsmoot with a certain hesitation, first of all because she is in doubt as to who should hold the throne, second of all because she fears whatever choice she makes wil jeopardize careful alliances.

Harlen Lannister née Tyrell

Married, Elder, Lord


The Rose Who Grew Too Strong


Harlen of House Lannister née Tyrells is as quick witted as he is efficient. Sharp as both a socialite and a strategist; his marriage to Lady Tyshara was his own proposition in order to end more pointless suffering in the war between the two houses. What started out as a political device, ended up as a competitive and happy marriage between two great leaders. This move has however cost him the affection of his elders, as some now see him as a disgrace. The people of the Westerlands see Harlen as a strong political figure and a fierce keeper of coin within the House Lannister. He is regarded as a force to be reckoned with by many merchants and nobles in the West. Harlen is worried for the Kingsmoot. He worries that his views might not align with Tyshara in this important matter.

Loreon Lannister

Married, Adult, Lord


The Reluctant Heir


Ser Loreon Lannister is an excellent and honorable knight. He would be the spitting image of his mother, if he had only shown greater interest in actually leading. He is married to a Tully woman and expecting a child, although to which house the child belongs has yet to be decided. While many could only dream of living like Loreon, he considers his life one of quiet desperation. Forever a bitter romantic, he is at the Kingsmoot not because he wants to, but because it is his duty.

Tya/Tion Lannister

Unmarried, Young, Lord/Lady


The Envious Secondborn


Tya/Tion has always fought to be considered a worthy Lannister. Some call them problematic, others clever. What is undeniable is their desire to prove themselves, which to their misfortune has led to a reputation of lacking in ability and empty boasting. Though not the most popular choice, some of the bolder folk in the Westerlands have expressed that Tya/Tion would be a better heir to the Lannister house, for while they might not be as great as their brother, they are certainly far more dedicated.

Morys/Maris Baratheon (Ward in House Lannister)

Unmarried, Young, Lord/Lady


The Troublesome Ward


Morys/Maris is the heir to House Baratheon, but was given to House Lannister in exchange for gold and soldiers for the Stormlands war-effort. A desperate but unavoidable move. Clearly of Baratheon blood, the ward often gets themselves into trouble for either being too stubborn, or acting too hastily. What only few know is that the young Baratheon is a child of secrets, and far more important than anyone could have realized.

Daven/Johanne Westerling

Widowed, Elder, Lord/Lady


The Bannerman of Peace


A valuable ally and close friend, the Westerlings supply the Lannister army with the majority of its soldiers, as well as its weaponry. Daven/Johanne has always stood at the Lannister’s side. The Lord/Lady Westerling fought with Tyshara in the war against the Tyrells, which has only strengthened the bond between House Westerling and their lieges. As a strong bannerman, Daven/Johanne knows what plagues the Lannister mind, and is their biggest defense against themselves. Daven/Johanne values honor, but even more than that, peace. An invitation to the Kingsmoot was hardly needed, for to call upon House Lannister is to call upon House Westerling.

Rohan/Rohanne Reyne

Unmarried, Young, Lord/Lady

The Schemer of Castamere

Rohan/Rohanne is one of the two remaining in House Reyne as most died after being quarantined by the Lannisters in Castamere during an outbreak of the flu. The Head of House Reyne is old, deaf and immobilized so the young Reyne has become the de facto ruler of Castamere. What was a great tragedy to the Reynes is now rumored to be a conspiracy. A ploy by the Lannister to weaken House Reyne. When the time is right, the young Reyne will show the world that the heart of the golden lion is black as the mines beneath Castamere.