The Kingsmoot

After the late King Aegon IV legitimized all his bastards; House Targaryen called for a kingsmoot in an attempt to precede any potential unrest in the realms. A grand banquet for all Great Houses where civil debate could settle the difficult matter of who the new true heir to the Iron Throne was to be.

The Great Houses of Stark, Lannister, Tyrell, Arryn, Baratheon and Tully all received invites to come to Harrenhal with haste to determine which of the former bastards should be considered the true heir. 

While the former king had many bastards, only five are considered real contenders. These include the previous “true” heir Daeron II, the prophetic Shiera Seastar, the hero of the commoners “Blackfyre”, the ever irate “Bittersteel” and the cunning “Bloodraven”. They all hold potential and legitimate claims to the throne, but seating the Iron Throne takes more than a claim. It requires the support of the Great Houses. The people. You.