"Family, Duty, Honor"

It is the year 185 AC and House Tully is barely standing. The great and beloved Lord and Lady of Riverrun has been murdered in their sleep. Now, all that is left of the family is their children. Innocent and inexperienced from their shielded upbringing, they are forced to face the reality that their family is a political target. That they are the last bastion between the house and annihilation. They do however not stand unprotected, for all the Riverlands mourn with them, and the murder has ignited a fervor and loyalty stronger than anywhere else in the Seven Kingdoms. The wise and the strong have gathered, ready to serve the House Tully no matter the cost. 

Family! Duty! Honor!


House Tully is a house of the people. They are known to be closer to the common folk than any other of the great houses. They have, at times, even been willing to marry with the peasantry. This is also the family they value above all else. A Tully would rather watch the world burn, than let harm come to their relatives. This romantic ideology is however also what has led the house to borderline poverty. Their kindness and naivety has made the Tully’s economically weak and somewhat puny in the eyes of the other houses. Although, it is common knowledge that you do not invade their Riverlands. For while they may have lost battles, they have withstanded every war.


Tamrel Tully

Engaged, Adult, Lord


The Lightkeeper


Lord Paramount of The Trident, Lord of Riverrun and Head of House Tully. Tamrel has grown up sheltered from the rest of the world. He has spent most of his life as a beacon of joy for the peoples of the Riverlands, now the responsibilities of all the Riverlands has fallen upon his shoulder, all while he is betrothed to commoner. For the first time in his life, he is to leave his home. He does however remain focused on the one goal that matters: the future of House Tully.

Mereth Tully

Married, Adult, Lady


The Charmer


Lady Mereth of House Tully, The Charmer, Dream of Night Before and Morning After. Once a mere pretty girl, she has used her beauty, as well as her remarkable social awareness to grow in status as well as reputation, all in the name of House Tully. Now she has to grieve while simultaneously expecting a child. All this has triggered a clear shift within her. She no longer acts out of pleasure, but out of strength.

Joreth Tully

Widowed, Young, Lord


The Future General


The greatest warrior and sailor among his siblings. Joreth grew up with a sword in hand and salt in his hair. He married young and received a child that looked suspiciously like one of his friends. When his wife died at sea, people expected foul play. Wherever he goes, he hears the whispers of those who think him a murderer. He has joined his family at the Kingsmoot, for while he may have lost his honor, his House never will.

Grim Tully

Unmarried, Young, Lord


The Creep


Grim was born as cold and pale as a corpse, a condition that has followed the wretched  thing throughout its life. Pitied, hated and loved only by his mother, Grim decided to stay safe within the walls of Riverrun living as the fly on the wall. When the Tully parents died, Grim was the most devastated. Reputed as a sad cripple, this might once have been true, but Grim has learned that whispers can be just as dangerous as words. And the walls of Riverrun hear many whispers.

Vic/Vica Tyrell (Ward in House Tully)

Unmarried, Young, Lord/Lady


The Coming Tyrant


Vic/Vica was given as a public gift of disgrace from House Tyrell. As a show that House Tully wouldn’t be able to survive without the help of greater nobles. As Vic/Vica grew up, so did their distaste for the house that turned their life into eternal humiliation. Their contempt for the Tyrells has given them one purpose: To make their new house the greatest and strongest in all of Westeros, no matter the cost.

Prethur Lothston

Widowed, Adult, Lord


The Venomous Serpent


Prethur was once appointed Hand of The King so the late monarch could make Prethur’s sister into one of his many wives. When the unfortunate woman was given a pox by Aegon himself, she was promptly sent out of the court and Prethur with her. The sister died of this same pox only weeks later. Prethur was then forced to be nothing more than a meager servant of the Tullys, and he thoroughly hates it. Prethur has joined the Kingsmoot as bannerman for House Tully, but secretly has something much more sinister at work.

Yourth Darry

Unmarried, Elder, Lord


The Wise Old Fool


True, honorable and old. Yourth of House Derry is a man of traditions and real ideals, not like the generations of youths since, which have lost both manners and care. He is just as proud as he is loyal to House Tully. With the deaths of the Lord and Lady of Riverrun he has taken it upon himself to teach the Tully children the honorable values of old, and nothing shall stand in the way of education, least of all Targaryen politics. As a matter of fact, a Kingsmoot is a perfect chance to give the youngins’ some REAL experience.