All tickets include the following:

  • Two nights of lodging.
  • Six high quality meals throughout the event. Hereunder:
    • Dinner on Friday.
    • Three meals on Saturday.
    • Breakfast and lunch on Sunday.
    • Wine or alcohol-free alternative all weekend.
  • Unique props and banners for each house.

An outdoor ticket will get you a spot in one of our medieval tents. The sleeping tent will not be used during play and you cannot bring your own tent. Spot in the tents are first come first served, so if you and your friends want to sleep together please arrive early. You can find more information about packing in the design document.

An indoor ticket will get you a chance to get a spot in a dormitory, where you sleep with about 5 other people. Please note that if lots of people buy sponsor tickets, which guarantees an indoor spot, you might get offered a spot outside instead. If this is to happen, then you will of course only be charged the outdoor ticket price.

Sponsor and discounted tickets

For people with the financial means we will offer a sponsor ticket for 1400 DKK (188 EUR). The sponsor ticket grants a guaranteed indoor spot. That means if you are offered a spot in the sign up raffle you will be 100% guaranteed an indoor spot unlike the regular indoor ticket.

Those who have trouble paying the full amount of a regular ticket can enter a raffle to get a discounted ticket. This ticket will be 400 DKK (54 EUR).

The amount of discounted tickets are directly proportional to the amount of sponsored tickets purchased.

This LARP is for you if you are at least 16 years old and you enjoy:

  • Lots of play between characters.
  • Being challenged by other players, when achieving your goals.
  • You want to explore themes like:
    • Power struggle.
    • Duty versus desire.
    • Classism.

This LARP is NOT for you if:

  • You want a "winnable" LARP.
  • You want actual battles.
  • You want the LARP to follow the books 100%.
  • You want a LARP focusing on sexism, racism or ableism.
  • You do not want to share play with others.

When you fill out the sign-up form, you will be asked which types of play you would prefer for this LARP, as well as how important each type of play is to you. We will use this information to cast you in a role that best suits your preferences. If you are signing up as a group, you will also be able to fill out the names of people you want to play with. We can not guarantee that you will be casted in linked roles, but we will try our best to meet your wishes.

Gender Roles

Gender plays a big role in most of The Song of Ice & Fire. However, it does not in our scenario. We will play a lot on classism, but not sexism. That means the power and social status of a character is based on their role and not their gender.

Before the game you will receive a character description. The description will come with relations to other characters, the character's role in the overall hierarchy and the character's role within its house. It is up to you to form your character's personality and shape the outcome of their story.

You are not required to have read any Song of Ice & Fire book or have seen any of the shows based on the books before attending our scenario, but we do strongly recommend that you read our setting and plot pages, as well as skimming through the design document. This will give you an overview of what the game is all about. All information you will need for the game will be provided here on the website. Every time we add anything new you will be notified first on Facebook, then on email. Updates will be more frequent on our Facebook group, so make sure to join.

You will need to bring your own costume, but story relevant props and banners will be provided to you by the organizers. To get a sense of what costumes you will need check out our character guide in the design document.

In the event that you have to cancel, you will be able to get an 80% refund if the cancellation takes place before July 4th, since this is when signup closes. After this date you will only be able to get 200 DKK (27 EUR) refunded if you cancel.

You can reach our location by taking bus line 152 from Værløse Station. 
The closest airport is Copenhagen Airport. From there you can take the metro to Nørreport Station where you can catch the B-train to Værløse.