"Fire and Blood"

It is the year 185 AC and House Targaryen is in turmoil. Following the death of King Aegon IV, his son Daeron II is to inherit the Iron Throne. However, on the king’s deathbed he legitimized all of his bastards. Which in turn fueled an uncertainty within the Seven Kingdoms, as its Lords and Ladies grew increasingly wary of the heir’s capabilities as a king. 


House Targaryen is the ruling house of Westeros, and the great uniter of the Seven Kingdoms: The North, The Riverlands, Dorne, The Vale, The Westerlands, The Reach and the Stormlands. They have ruled for almost two centuries with the Iron Throne of King’s Landing as a testament to the subjugation of the kingdoms. The house prides itself with a bloodline that is kept pure through practice of selective inbreeding. They are a proud House, tracing themselves back to the Dragonlords of Valyria. 

Their pure bloodline has given them a certain reputation; It is said that the Targaryens possess mannerisms that err on the side of madness, as well as a trait that gives some of them control over the unknown and mystical. 

The Targaryens were, in their own words, made to rule. They view Westeros as their land and right, and its people as their ever loyal subjects.



*The Targaryens are a nonplayer house in Sea of Flames