The World of Ice & Fire

In the year 185 AC the world of Westeros is quite different from the one we know from the shows Game of Thrones and House of The Dragon. The southern kingdom of Dorne, ruled by House Martell, has still not bowed to Targaryen rule. Quite the contrary, they have resisted every attempt at conquest.


Even without Dorne, the Targaryen kingdom still stretches far; from the iceclad wall in the North, to the port of Oldtown in the southern Reach. The Targaryens are still in control of their ancestral castle of Dragonstone, which lies just Northeast of Kings Landing.

A Kingdom in Decline

Targaryen rule has weakened ever since the last civil war, known as the Dance of The Dragons. During the civil war all of the dragons and most of the Targaryen family died fighting each other.


With the loss of their greatest weapon the Targaryen’s rule has become frail, easy to influence and to manipulate. The last ten years have been the worst so far. Ruled by King Aegon IV, who was often nicknamed “The Unworthy”. He was more interested in the women of his court, rather than actually ruling. Thus he left his Hand and advisors to do as they pleased. This has caused the trust in Targaryen rule to weaken further, and many believe that the next leader must be strong and able to rule if the lands are to stay at peace.