"As High as Honor"

It is the year 185 AC and House Arryn has, for the first time in years, broken silence and chosen to participate in greater politics. House Arryns has watched and seen the changing of the world and now they must take action. Their people are torn between the love of their true house and the promise of equality. House Arryn famously has always been loyal to its people, but old honor means little to a man, whose cries are met with silence.


House Arryn is a conservative House, who rules over the Vale. In their daily lives the Head of house Arryn chooses to concern themselves more with the wellbeing of their local lords in the Vale. They believe that their loyal servants and lords will stay loyal, as long as food and support finds its way into their pockets. The Arryns  are proud to protect what they have, and believe their prosperity comes from the time and resources that they dedicate to their Lords and land. It is this self seclusion from the rest of Westeros that some other houses greatly resent. It sometimes renders them unwilling to participate in conflicts, or unsympathetic to bigger problems, as they much prefer to take care of their own, without much thought for the people beyond their borders. Although as of late, even the Bannermen of the Vale, have begun questioning the Arryns decision to choose a more docile approach to conflict, both outside the borders, but now also inside the borders. The lands are plagued by ruffians, plundering and stealing from the commoners of the Vale, while some of the lords are taking advantage of their position and pressuring smaller lords to pay tithe or fight their battles for them.


Jasper Arryn

Widowed, Elder, Lord


The Ghost in The Tower


Jasper Arryn, Lord of The Eyrie, Defender of The Vale and Warden of The East. Jasper has held control of the Vale longer than anyone can remember. He sits among the eldest of Westeros. Reputed as a legendary leader, Jasper has never joined a war. Not because he is weak, but because his foresight and wisdom has prevented nearly every conflict before it arrived at his gates. For the last seven years he, for some reason, hasn’t left his quarters in the Eyrie. That is until now, for Jasper has left his seclusion to prove at this Kingsmoot that age can break mind and body, but never spirit.

Vardis Arryn

Married, Elder, Lord


The Eye


Vardis is son to Jasper and Heir to House Arryn. Vardis is known by the initiated as “The Eye” for his incredible amount of spies. Not only are they numerous, but also well hidden. Beggar, barmaid or knight matters not. For if you have spoken a secret within the borders of the Vale, you can be certain he has written it down and kept it for a special occasion.

Now he journeys to the Kingsmoot as one of the most influential noblemen in all of Westeros, for all shall be revealed before he lets House Arryn fall.

Marillion/Marilla Arryn

Unmarried, Young, Lord/Lady


The Party Idol


Marillion/Marilla was born during a grand banquet and baptized in wine by the knights of the Vale before drinking them all under the table, or so say the legends at least. Marillion/Marilla is known throughout Westeros for their extravagant parties of such grandeur even Martell nobles dare cross half the continent in hopes of a single night of divine celebration in the Eyrie. They would of course never refuse an invitation to a moot, a Kingsmoot no less.

Darnold/Darra Arryn

Unmarried, Young, Lord/Lady


The Young Owl


Darnold/Darra is the youngest of the Arryns, child of Vardis and thus the future heir to the house. Known for their competence in all manners of booklearned arts, especially that of healing. Many believe them too naive of nature to one day rule the Vale, but it is not naivity that plagues the coming heir, rather than hunger for that knowledge which rivals swords and crowns.

Farlen/Farla Stark (ward in House Arryn)

Unmarried, Adult, Lord/Lady


The Graceless Hero


The greatest knight in the Vale and thoroughly against it. Farlen/Farla was sent as a ward against their will to solve some political issue they have long since forgotten in spite and malice. They alone have killed so many bandits the mere announcement of their arrival can lower the amount of crimes in a region by half before arrival. They hate the Starks, the Arryns, the nobility and peasantry in equal measure. Officially they go to the Kingsmoot as a bachelor looking for someone to marry, but in reality they just savor every moment they do not have to spend in the shithole called “the Vale”.

Yarnn/Yarina Borrell

Unmarried, Young, Lord/Lady


The Lowborn


Yarnn/Yarina of Sweetsister is only barely a noble, and a knight only because they were particularly ferocious in a lucky tavern brawl. Yarnn/Yarina has grown up a fisherman that merely lived in a keep, instead of the usual huttery of Sisterton. They were sent to the Kingsmoot only because House Sunderland failed to answer the call. Although they have little desire for political antics and noble facades, they have been pressured to join by their father with simple-yet-direct words: “Get married, or get disowned”.

Ryella Royce

Married, Elder, Lady


The Vengeful Adversary


Ser Ryella Royce was once the most powerful of the bannermen in the Vale, until Jasper Arryn gave away half her land, including her ancestral home of Runestone, to a hedge knight he fancied to marry. Ryella never forgave Jasper for such an insolent action, and has been very vocal about her distaste for him. She does however still faithfully serve House Arryn in whatever they require of her, for now.