"Ours is the Fury"

It is the year 185 AC and House Baratheon has become a house of chaos and disarray. Strife and controversy plague the Stormlands and the Baratheons have done nothing but quell rebellions from oppressive leaders for decades. If not for their relentless will to survive and ruthless pragmatism, the house would have perished long ago. However, a new dawn approaches. The tyrant lord of the Baratheons has just died, and though years of discord and hostility haunt the memories of nobility and peasantry alike, the remaining Baratheons have managed to create a temporary peace, but at great sacrifice.

House Baratheon is the youngest of the great houses, founded about a 100-years prior, when the Targaryens gave them land and title. The Baratheons are competent generals and leaders, attuned to hard times, and harder choices. A Baratheon shines when put in difficult situations. A strong grip and a ruthless will lets them keep a hold on what’s theirs, even through the worst of times. But this effectiveness comes at a cost, both on the people, and on the Baratheons. The people are left with leaders who choose the “greater good” for the country, and leave the common folk in the dust. The hard choices, their discontent people, and the never ending conflicts cut the Baratheons into shape. It hacks away at them and leaves an ambitious, refined, and ruthless individual, with an unquenchable thirst for victory.


Ailenor Baratheon

Married, Adult, Lady


The Tyrant


As the young Head of House Baratheon, Ailenor is feared for her ferocity as a ruler. She spent her youth stomping rebellions for her father. Now with the Stormlands in an iron grip, she toils for a better and more understanding future. But her people would never thank her for such a thing. They view her as a ruthless tyrant with no thought for the commoner. Their vision of her is clouded by her harsh verdicts and militaristic approach to civil unrest. The Kingsmoot will be the perfect court to establish House Baratheon’s greatness

Serell Baratheon née Penrose

Married, Adult, Lord

The Lord of Loss

Lord Serell of House Baratheon used to be Serell of House Penrose. That was before the Baratheon-Penrose war. Serell’s first wife died at the hands of a Baratheon. As revenge, his son murdered Lord Rothor Baratheon’s wife. This led to Ailenor and Serell having to marry to avoid the end of both houses. Serell is a miserable man who has lost much, and that is why he fights tooth and nail to keep what little he has left. He hopes the Kingsmoot will provide an opportunity to either regain honor, or at least keep the Stormlands from going into all out war once more.

Rothor Baratheon

Widowed, Adult, Lord


The Noble Stag


Rothor is the younger brother of Ailenor, who in contrast to her, has always been regarded as a kind and good natured man. He has the people’s wellbeing at heart and knows the injustice his sister commits does more harm than good. Rothor is a calm and collected man who thoroughly enjoys courtly matters, noble etiquette and he portrays himself as a proud and noble stag. Within him however, hate burns away at his heart. It screams for vengeance when he sees his wife’s murderer, Carden, going unpunished for the foul death of his dear wife. Rothor hopes that the Kingsmoot will bring ample opportunity to further an agenda of orderly peace, and within that peace, justice.

Aren/Arenna Baratheon

Unmarried, Young, Lord/Lady


The Virtuous Baratheon


Aren/Arenna of House Baratheon is the firstborn child of Rothor and does not share in their father’s peaceful nature. They are quick to anger, and a known hedonist. Aren/Arenna does not concern themselves with the courtly side of being a noble. They have always been more of a wild spirit; enjoying all the advantages of being a born rich and powerful kid. They are feared and resented by the people because of their childish nature and inherent strength. Aren/Arenna is about as interested in politics as they are in a long term relationship, but they hope the Kingsmoot will give them a chance to prove themselves to Ailenor and show her that they is worthy of the name Baratheon.

Orryn/Oranna Baratheon

Unmarried, Young, Lord/Lady


The Merry Buck


Orryn/Oranna of House Baratheon is the secondborn child of Rothor. They have a kind heart and an innocent soul. Not even a sliver of the telltale Baratheon trait “fury” can be found within them. Their cheerful demeanor has left them relatively untouched by the reputation the rest of their family shares. Whether that is due to their kind personality, or their lack of public appearances, is up for debate. Though lacking in both interest and drive, Rothor and Ailenor still plan to shape them into a leader worthy of the Stormlands. Orryn/Oranna hope that this Kingsmoot will further solidify peace in the realms, and maybe get the other Baratheons off of their back for just a moment.

Minisa Tully (Ward in House Baratheon)

Unmarried, Adult, Lady


The Amnestic Knight


Ser Minisa Tully was found among the corpses of a flooded battlefield during the Baratheon-Penrose war, with a pedigree showing her to be the sister of the late Lord of Riverrun, though she supposedly has no memories of that life. She had apparently served as a soldier in the Baratheon army going by the name “Perra Rivers”. When news of the sudden nobility within Ailenor’s army reached the Baratheon Head of House, Minisa was called to court. Expressing no desire to return to the Riverlands, Minisa became the head of Ailenor’s personal guard. It is of course her duty to protect the Baratheons wherever they may go, but secretly she hopes that she may find something greater at the Kingsmoot: A hint of her forgotten life.

Carden/Cardarna Penrose

Unmarried, Young, Lord/Lady

The Murderer

Following the marriage which made their father a Baratheon, Carden/Cardarna has recently taken the mantle as Head of House Penrose. They is far more behaved than Aren, and more driven than Ermi. They are by all accounts a perfect young lord/lady. With one exception: They are guilty of murdering Lord Rothor Baratheon’s wife. Even though they hide it behind a well thought and friendly facade, a rotten core with little place for mercy lies within Carden/Cardarna’s heart. Many of the Baratheons despise them for the murder, but as the Head of House Penrose, they were still summoned to the Kingsmoot. They hope it will provide an opportunity to mend the reputation of House Penrose.